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As a consumer it is important to be aware of your own abilities and how some products and services might be a better match for you than others. You should understand how to communicate your experiences to companies that produce the products that you purchase and how, by doing so, you can take part in the process that makes products easier to use for everyone. You should know what to look for when shopping for a product or service that matches your abilities.


Designers and engineers should understand the range of anthropometric sizes and functional abilities of the general population. They should understand the transformation in functional abilities that people naturally go through as they age or as a function of a medical condition. They should understand the available technical guidelines and know how to discriminate between a product or service that just appears to be easy to use and one that is truly easy to use.

Marketing Professional

Marketing professionals should be aware of the needs, desires, and aspirations of the target audience of their products and services. They should understand how changes in a person's functional abilities may impact his or her perception of the marketing message or the perception of the product or service in general. They need to understand how build a business case for ease of use and successfully communicate the business case to management.

Product Manager

Product managers need to be able to formulate and successfully communicate a business case for ease of use. They need to be able to apply the technical guidelines associated with ease of use to the products and services they are responsible for developing. They need to understand how to integrate design for ease of use practices into their existing design methodologies.